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YZ Premiums Gamepads for mobile and PC perfect pro gaming career setup, free and fast shipping in US Borders
YZ Premiums gaming keypad pro version in US
Pro Gaming Keypad w/ Bluetooth & Wire connection compatible with Phones, Tablets and PC  is a tool many phone and computer gamers loves to use. Faster responsive moves that allows you to take the control in the game in a much safer and better way. Attaching the Pro Gaming Keypad is one of the easiest thanks to the Bluetooth & Wire function. It is as easy to disconnect it after playing and owning the game as a king.

YZ Premiums gaming sections introduces perfect gaming gears for pro career, free and fast shipping in US Borders now!
The special designed Gaming Keypad creates much better movement speed and makes sure you have no more hand pain while playing in longer periods on your smartphone. It also gives the gamers the unique opportunity to make a big difference between opponents. Pro Gaming Keypad is considered a tool that creates value during the most demanding games.

Now Pro Gaming Keypad can play PUBG, but need to download firmware.

YZ Premiums gaming keypad pro in US
Type: Gamepads / Keypad
Color: Black
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Charging time: 1.5-2 Hrs
With USB: Yes
Connection: Bluetooth (for mobile), wired (for PC)
Working Platform: Android 4.4 or Above, Window 7 or Above
Working Humidity: 40% or less
Charging voltage: 5V
Working distance: Approx. 23ft

YZ Premiums Gaming keypad Pro in US
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