Y Z Premium Leathers

In Y Z Premium our main focus is always to present the most luxurious and high quality products to our dear customers. We are always working to make sure our customers are getting the best quality at any time. Today we are working worldwide with different manufacturers and deliverers to make sure that we are always the special producer in Luxury products.


About Our Cow Leather:

Y Z Premium are working together with Italian Leather deliverers to make sure our Phone Cases, Wallets and keychains are made of the highest possible quality. Let us tell you about the process of how our leather are being produced. It is organized by size and color. In the tannery, a traditional hair on hide tanning method is employed to ensure that the hide is soft, and less susceptible to odour and moulting. It ensures that the cowhide will last longer. It is then naturally dried and the best hides are separated from the rest, with the ones that cannot be used in full as decorative items separated to be used as patchwork rugs.

About Our Calf Leather:

One of our biggest and most classy signature collections are made of Calfskin. Thanks to our designer, manufacturer and producer, we are today able to offer one of the top quality in phone case industry. Calfskin or calf leather is a leather or membrane produced from the hide of a calf, or juvenile domestic cattle. Calfskin is particularly valuable because of its softness and fine grain, as well as durability. It is commonly used for high-quality clothing, shoes, wallets, and similar products, as well as traditional leather bookbindings. In these contexts, just "calf" is commonly used. Fine calfskin is one of the skins used for vellum and parchment manuscripts.

About Our Goat Leather:

Phone cases, Wallets, Case Covers and Keychains. All of our special made products are made of the highest possibly quality. But if we needed to choose only one favorite product, most of us in Y Z Premium would choose Goat Leather thanks to its amazing quality and durability. Tanned leather from goatskin is considered extremely durable and is commonly used to make rugs (for example in Indonesia) and carpet binding. It is often used for gloves, boots, and other products that require a soft hide. Kid gloves, popular in Victorian times, are still made today. It has been a major material for leather bookbindings for centuries, and the oldest European binding, that of the St Cuthbert Gospel in the British Library is in red goatskin. Goatskin is used for a traditional Spanish container for wine bota bag (or called goatskin). Traditional kefir was made in bags from goatskin.



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